BrownRandy - Singer/songwriter

Born in Shreveport, LA, the son of an part-time itinerant Church of Christ preacher and cloistered songwriter. BrownRandy bought a $10 guitar on credit at the tender age of 12 and started writing songs at the age of 14. In high school and college he fell in with a band of godless heathen hippie musicians and the rest is history. After moving from the big city of Dallas to the sleepy town of Mineola,TX in 1974 he took whatever musical jobs he could get playing in various country bar bands for 15 years or so. After playing is a few hundred bars, VFWs and American Legions as well as 1 real whorehouse (with chickenwire on the stage) and a nudist colony he finally realized his heart was not in the country bar band circuit and set out to take the songs he had been writing all along and make a new path. Upon meeting finger style guitar wizard John DeFoore and cellist extraordinaire Dirje Childs in 1994 they formed a band called Jealousy Motel who during their 8 year career produced 2 CDs and a great deal of crucial success with their unusual mix of folk, swing and jazz. After that, BrownRandy decided that a solo career fit him better and spent 11 years as a solo singer/songwriter winning a number of songwriting awards as well as recordin 2 solo CDs (Dream Big in 2007 and But Wait, There's More... 

He has recently teamed up with 2 time Kerrville New Folk Finalist, Randy Palmer of Amarillo, TX , first as a songwriting team and now as a duos, t with a new soon to be released EP "Them Randy Boys" under their belt. Performing regularly as a duo but both also doing solo performances. 


Why BrownRandy Instead of Randy Brown?

Randy Brown is sick of his common name. Everywhere he looked his music was confused with that of other Randy Browns. Now, the other Randy Brown's music isn't bad it simply isn't his. So... as a solution his wife proposed a stage name; BrownRandy. At first he faltered, was that too weird? But then he partially gave in and took the domain name for his website. However, he didn't take the BrownRandy moniker as his personal identification. The next thing he knew his friends were calling him BrownRandy also. As time passed he got more used to it and grew steadily more irritated by name confusion on ITunes, Spotify and Pandora to name a few.  To further spur development the original website was hacked for a 3rd time. With the frustration involved with that event decided 2 things. First to abandon the Randy Brown name for future releases of music. This website is the result of that decision.